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 Technologies in the Museum ((das))


Ambiente 3D e espacial do Metaverso

The ((das)) was designed to be a hybrid museum with exhibitions and programming in the face-to-face and virtual world to allow the experience in both dimensions. In the virtual exhibition environment, it aligns itself with international virtual museums that have adopted technologies of virtual amplitude with their own realities to offer their audience new experiences of accessibility, enjoyment and appreciation of art. The museum's program can be accessed from all over the globe, using any cell phone, computer, tablet with software and system updates, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 3Das rooms have the following technologies:

# AI - Guided tour by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotic exhibition route taking the visitor through the exhibition room through each work, text and space.

# VR - Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality, VR) in all exhibitions with 3D rooms and some surprises to explore virtual spaces.  We will have exhibits with the experience of inverted environmental interaction in 360° VR.


# AR - Augmented Reality (Augmented Reality, AR) in the exhibitions allowed integration and interactivity between the virtual and physical world using computer, cell phone, gyroscope, sensors and applications. It is optional to use these resources to visit our collection, participate in courses and visit the museum's virtual exhibitions.  

# MR - Mixed Reality (Mixed Realistic or Extended, RM) is the fusion of augmented reality with virtual reality. Expanding exhibition visits when using oculus VR


# XR - Extended Reality unites all the aforementioned VR, AR and MR environments leading us to the most complete virtual museum visit experience of the 21st century.  

Discover our 3Das room

In this exhibition environment, the exhibition hall was built in 3D, in which it brings the concepts of interactivity and immersion using augmented reality (AR) and hybrid or mixed reality (MR) technologies - the latter with intuitive interactions between 3D and physical spaces. In real time.


Some of the exhibitions will bring the experience of inverted environmental interaction in 360VR, which is accessed through the website menu.  or by clicking here  

In this 3D room you will visit some of the museum's virtual exhibitions, which have a virtual tour performed by artificial intelligence, interaction with works, texts and super zoom option to appreciate the details of each work.

We have the option of freely choosing the route in the virtual room where you will command the path to the works during your visit on your computer or cell phone.  

To visit the 3D room with the current exhibition, access the website menu or click here 

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