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360° VR Virtual Tour Exhibition

The concept of 360° VR brings new experiences of interactivity and immersion using the technologies of GPS, street view,  augmented reality (AR) and hybrid or mixed reality (MR).  The proposal to access this exhibition environment in virtual exhibitions  of the museum is the visitor to overflow the  360° immersion screen with images of real environments where the works are exposed or discovered during your visit.


In this type of virtual tour we will have exhibitions planned for hybrid environments built with physical reality with elements of virtual reality.  You will be able to activate other sensations, such as auditory and visual sensations during your virtual visit experience. We will also encourage you to browse other virtual spaces of the link architecture created for the exhibition to be more expanded and unforgettable.  To do so, the interaction with works, texts and the option of dialoguing with an avatar or creating your own will remain.  


Arquitetura Concreta

Coming soon 360° VR exhibition!

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